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Update by user Jan 06

manager tracked the order and chairs are in.

Update by user Jan 06

Manager was in! Spoke to him after 3 phone calls with Staff in 2 days and getting nowhere. The Chairs are in - they arrived 2 days ago and he was very apologetic about the system leaving me in the lurch and most understanding of a customer's perspective.The ordering system is still a nightmare but the manager was kind and patient and extremely helpful.I will pick them up in 3 days - i am happy.

Original review posted by user Jan 06

Crate and Barrel Furniture store sections are essentially showrooms. You must order everything - lamps, rugs, sofas, chairs, etc.. So in that regard, one would make the wrongful mind you, assumption that they have this part of the business model down. It is the essential piece after all.

Not the case.

They will give you a date of arrival. But that means nothing really. The order can be late, no one tells you. you do not receive an email - or tracking. This is largely because they really do not know when you will get what you ordered. They also are unaware of manifests and never know what the delivery truck will delivery to the store on their delivery day.

In addition, you have to make umpteen phone calls to disinterested salespeople to check on your order. The manager is never in and they never know anything about arrival, etc. Such a waste of time.

In 2018, in a primarily mail order business - WHO CAN OPERATE LIKE THIS? Apparently they have enough gullible consumers like me who are foolish enough to order from them in the first place.

The chairs we ordered and paid for in full 2.5 months ago are now 1 month late. No idea when they will arrive and the salespeople do not really care one iota about customer satisfaction or the resolution of questions (like when will my chairs arrive?)

I wouldn't return to Crate and Barrel on a bet. Once we get our chairs - if we ever do - I am finished. Terrible way to operate a business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Crate And Barrel Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Crate And Barrel Pros: Fact that they loaned us chairs over the holidays.

Crate And Barrel Cons: Never received chair and customer service is horrid, Cant tell us when our chairs will be in, Salespeople act annoyed when i call to follow up on order.

  • Folio Chair
  • No Order Tracking
  • No Order Delivery Manifest
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manager made it right - chairs are in - all is good. they still have a crazy ordering system but the manager cared enough to get things right. John was excellent.

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