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Crate and Barrel has the worst online order and customer service I have ever seen anywhere.

I orders two different items and paid for separate wrapping (extra charge for that of course).Items came in in one box wrapped together.So ,I get in touch with their customer service who resent the items,promising to refund me the money I paid for the wrapping and extra box(8 days later,still no sign of the refund) ,and guess what,when the second order came in ,they were AGAIN in one box.Now the second mishap arrived a day before i was to give those presents to two different people which forced me to spend Saturday driving around to find adequate boxes to wrap the presents separately so that I can make my friends happy.. Of course,i contacted C&B again and they offered to send me a 50.00 dollars for the two wrong orders.I turned their offer down because they are the one who twice made the same mistake in the same week.They seem to be very oblivious or I would say,not concerned at all for their mistakes or for wasting my day off to find presentable boxes and wrapping,and they said they will forward my emails to their Home office to find a resolution,adding that I will be contacted within 48 hours.

96 hours later I still haven't heard a word from their home office,so i sent another email and this time ,the next day someone called me,apologized,saying the email was not sent to them until today.So now i am looking at customer service that lied or was lazy,not sure which is worth and still no resolve for two orders that they didn't fix. Home office upped the bribe to 100.00 gift card (that's what they called resolving the waste of my day off and ruining two perfect gifts for my friends}.Yes i turned down their offer,but also told them social media will hear about this.It is not a question of revenge at all, a company like C&B proved to be unorganized,liars and seem to not care about their customers and that is what I am showing here.

Product or Service Mentioned: Crate And Barrel Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Store Location: Marietta, Georgia

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I purchased a sofa that had a defect from Their Woodland Hills, California, store. The sofa brand new was delivered with a rip on the front.

When I called the number provided for repair, I was given a car repair company. The man could barely speak English. When I called back and spoke with someone else I was told they use the same glue/adhesives as the do for cars to repair. I questioned if these were toxic as I have some children.

I was told they didn't know.

My sofa remains ripped and I feel completely ripped off. I will never purchase another Crate and Barrel product.

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