I echo all the complaints about the Folio chairs and the terrible Crate and Barrel "customer service" (disservice is more like it). When the pandemic hit and I was spending so much more time at home, I suddenly noticed that my dining chairs had huge ugly bare spots where the material had peeled away, and many other spots that were cracking.

I was ashamed to have them in my house, and actually grateful that during Covid we weren't hosting guests who would see this horror show.

After reading so many similar complaints about these chairs online, I believed Crate and Barrel would take responsibility for this known defect in their expensive product. Wrong!

In a nutshell, they insulted me by saying it was normal "wear and tear." In a followup email, they had the nerve to state: "The average lifespan of any of our furniture pieces is 7 years," and offer me 15% off a new purchase. And finally, when I tried to post a negative review of the Folio chairs on the Crate and Barrel website, it was rejected!

Well I reject Crate and Barrel!

User's recommendation: Don't invest good money in Crate and Barrel furniture if you want something that lasts.

Location: New York, New York

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