wow. i have had same problem with my set of six red folio chairs and they are so unsightly now it is an embarrassment to use them.

i bought maybe 6 years ago. they started to develop some tiny black spots showing through the red "leather" after 2-3 years. i thought it wasn't too bad. i went back to the store and they instructed me on how to clean the chairs.

just water and damp cloth. that did not help. i hoped it wouldn't get worse and tried to just deal with the dark blemishes. but it has gotten way, way worse since i started having more people over in the past year or two.

they look awful. i have recently read that the leather chairs i was sold are not in fact real leather...but some sort of bonded pseudo-leather. i read that it might be considered fraud for crate and barrel to have sold them to me as "leather" chairs. i brought the chairs to a very high end well regarded furniture repair specialists and he refused to work with them.

he could not believe crate and barrel sold these to me as leather chairs. i will contact the store i bought them from and request a refund. this is very disappointing. all of my other crate and barrel furniture has held up beautifully.

that is why i am so sad and disappionted about this set. i don't think C&B intentionally misrepresented these chairs, i think it may have been a shady manufacturer who supplied these substandard chairs.

I am hoping C&B will make good on this debacle! i see many complaints online about the old folio chairs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Crate And Barrel Folio Dining Chair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

Preferred solution: store credit in the full amount i originally paid for these fake leather chairs.

Crate And Barrel Pros: Product design salespeople at store.

Crate And Barrel Cons: Store misrepresented chairs as real leather but they are bonded.

Location: 850 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60642, USA

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Same situation for 6 chairs with little use. I was offered 30% credit to return the chairs which is NOT acceptable.

The backs are still looking ok for now so I am trying to come up with a solution for the seats. I found a kiwi green fabric that is an exact color match of the folio chairs. Wish me luck.

I waited two years to buy those green kiwi chairs. What is their explanation for this happening?


I was offered the same credit situation. I also hardly used these because they are in our seasonal, weathered controlled home.

This is 4 months a year. We even eat mostly out on our balcony on other chairs. I am trying to come up with a solution to cover the seats.

I found green fabric and will try to make cushions to at least get a few more years of use. SHAME ON CRATE AND BARREL FOR THIS POOR QUALITY!


I also bought 6 "leather" chairs and 2 stools from C&B about 9 years ago and was going to sell them as leather until I discovered they are indeed bonded leather. I am so disappointed that they were sold to me as leather. I will not purchase anything in the future from this store.

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