After 4-5 years Crate and Barrel chairs develop huge cracks down the back of the chair in the leather. The cracks are white, so they are terrible looking.When contacted, their customer service decided they would givee us half the total cost toward ordering new chairs.

Nearly a thousand dollars to replace chairs that they knew were defective is not in our budget. I am shocked at their decision but check their reviews, new reviews are good.

Older reviews all tell of this problem. They should wake up to their responsibility to stand behind the products that they sell.

Product or Service Mentioned: Crate And Barrel Chair.

Location: Batavia, New York

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There has to hundreds if not more with same problem. Why not sue??? Restocking fee for defective merchandise is WRONG.




I am having the same issue with them..the customer service is horrible.. They told me they would give me 50% of the value.

That would leave me with still having to pay $415.58 to teplace them. This is not fair considering they are defective and sold the chairs as durable in strength, and durability.


i have 8 kiwi folio chairs and have never used any type of cleaning products -- the oldest 4 chairs are hideous -- the kiwi is literally rubbing off. I :(


I was thinking about buying 6 of these chairs for my dinning table, but after reading your reviews I'm not going to. They are beautiful chairs, but they need to be durable. Thank you for the review


I have had the same problem with the oyster folio chairs. Major cracks in the back and top of the leather.

First time they were returned and replaced. Told there was a defect and manufacturer corrected it. The chairs were replaced and have again developed cracks. I was a offered a 20% refund on the original price.

New chairs now cost $40 more for each chair than my original purchase price.



The leather started cracking after 4-5 years of not using leather protectant as the manual indicated? Shocker.


These chairs are ***. Crate and Barrel has known that for 7 years and continues to sell them.

They are made of bonded leather (not real leather) - which is the difference between hardwood floors and particle board. And the design of the chair does not include support under the leather across the entire back span of the chair. This design flaw would cause the chair to self-destruct regardless of the leather quality - leather that spans that sort of distance simply can't stand up to human weight over time with no support. I called C&B about this is 2006 and was told to (basically) go pound sand...

and incidentally I was told that putting leather condition on the chairs is NOT what you are supposed to do to keep the leather in good condition. They said no chemicals whatsoever - even condition - warm, damp cloth ONLY.


I also have the oyster chairs that

continue to self destruct, even so they have not been used much over the period of 9 years. Evidence of this was noted after

3-4 years. Have not been able to

replace yet as I have 8 and was only offered a fraction of the purchase price...

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