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So far the new folio top grain barstools are holding up. But we aren't using them much because I'm afraid of sudden deteriorating leather.530$ a piece , we have 5 and no one really sits on them.We use our vintage dining chairs that were 40$ a piece which are still in great shape.The folios are in sale right now for 450$

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i concur, worst chairs ever.

we have 6 dining chairs and 5 barstools.

cant even give them away.

the "leather" is peeling, cracking. They sat untouched for 2 years and we started using them 3 years ago and they just fell apart.

Leather restorer wont take my $, not worth it he said. He thought the chairs were from some cheap furniture place. Not even sure they are leather - some type of low grade bonded leather maybe.

Crate and Barrel says due to wear and tear...(if i wear sandpaper as pants). They offer us nothing online, told me to ask the local store.

I think I will drop off a few chairs in their showroom....

Product or Service Mentioned: Crate And Barrel Folio Dining Chair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Same here. 6 Folio chairs have bonded leather that has decompensated with very little use.

Do not buy these! I cannot even resell them and when I reached out to C&B they suggested this was due to poor care on my part.

These chairs are advertised as top grain leather..NOT bonded leather. Buyer beware..


I too have the same issue. It wasn’t until ALL 6, as well as a client of whom I specified them for had the same problem, that I looked into it.

I was told they had been “recalled”!!! Why wasn’t I notified?

They were purchased online under my business account! Talk about misrepresentation of product!!!


I would bring them back to your local crate and barrel and demand refund. Do it gently and politely but be form in your stance.

It's a well documented issue.

CB has openly acknowledged those chairs are a problem. Good luck!


I purchased 8 folio chairs for my dining room, The dining room that is used twice a year. Minimal use and all the chairs are ruined because the "leather" coating shreds off.

What was once bone/ivory colored chairs are now destroyed with black marks coming through. Any material or clothing will wear off the finish.

I'm incredibly disappointed by the lack of help from Crate and Barrel. They told me to buy a leather repair kit that did not work.


I purchased 4 folio chairs in 2009, used in the dining area in an adult only apt. One of the chairs, rarely used in the corner is fine.

The others are peeling. I got a few cushions, at crate and barrel to cover the ugly site. When I 're moved them, the "leather" which it is not...something thinner than paper came off. It seems that they cannot be restored professionally.

I'm just appalled at the chairs construction, particularly in light of little use...made to fail. Can I really trust C+B.


I have the same problem whit my chairs! I have try to fix them with a professional and no one has been able to fix them due to the complexity of the design.

The damage level of the chairs, stain my pants, if they are light colored.

I've thought leaving them in the dumpster, which is very sad because i paid a lot of money and they were destroyed in less than six years.Honestly not worth the investment in these chairs. Crate and Barrel should take them out of their inventory.


I have the same problem with mine! The leather looks amazing in all places where skin does not contact.

But on the seats, and on the top corners of the backs (where you hold them to slide them out), the leather is AWFUL, and peels off just like masking tape. You stick to them when you sit, and the leather peels and slides all over the place. I have seriously thought about taking all of them to the showroom too...I have emailed with C&B customer service and it was a run-around joke. I even sent the awful pictures.

Have you thought about removing the seat leather (which should be too hard--sandpaper should do the trick, geesh). Then using leather paint that matches, then sealing?


Hi. It does suck for the amount of $$ paid

I ended bringing them into the store.

At first they were just going to give me current value which was 700$ for all 5 barstools.

I said no way. With proof of purchase/order number they refunded me what I paid.

But the dining chairs they couldn't find original order# and I couldn't produce proof of purchase so I only rec'd 67$ per chair.

I got 2200$ in store credit. Better than nothing and way better than sitting on those chairs. I had mine the garage for a year.

Cb is very well aware of the issues with the old folio chairs.

They admitted to me that it has been a problem but they won't do anymore for me. I don't even want to shop w them.

Current barstools w REAL leather is 530$ each. Good luck!

@Irisa Fjg

I have 8(!) folio chairs in ivory or as they were called. They continue to peel and crack even so they have only ever been seldom used.

We were offered a small amount on the condition that they all be returned to the store. The money does not cover even purchasing half the amount of

new chairs.

I wish the company would finally own up to the fact that it is a defective material that was used! I believe they should offer a recall on those chairs and make good on a similar replacement as they do not sell

them any more.


Trust me I tried to get replacement cost but they said the new Folio chairs are Top-grain leather so not the same.

I recall the original Folio chairs advertised as real leather too but they said it's bicast (bonded leather). Too bad I dont have a screenshot of the original Folio chairs description.

They admitted to me that they are defective so they are willing to give me some $ as goodwill gesture even after the warranty period.

I said if they are defective I should get all my $ back.

Good luck!

I filed complaint online and then @ store of purchase. I pestered them and brought in a few chairs to show them. They relented and said if I brought all of them in they would allow me to return them for some $.

Like I said prior 2200$ for 5 barstools and 6 dining chairs is acceptable at this time. I just wish it was credit to my card instead of store credit.

I dont even know how to spend it.

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