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We too purchased the original generation of Folio dining chairs and bar stools. All of these real leather, not bonded leather seats, are cracking, peeling and generally unsightly.

We invested in what we believed to be quality furniture with a substantial life span and are profoundly disappointed at the ill conceived design of these chairs and bar stools. We have rotated them for equal usage and treated them like the investment pieces we thought they were. Crate and Barrel offered us a 50% credit and called the balance a "restocking fee". This term was used in email and face to face in the Short Hills store.

When it comes to real leather furniture, the stuffing or structure will usually fail before the leather unless punctured. Now they have replaced the original real leather on the Folio line with

bonded leather, which is not leather at all. The internet is full of Folio complaints and the employees we met while waiting in store all remarked about Folio issues. How long should real leather that had no stuffing on a welded steel frame last?

Obviously there is not one answer but we have treated our furniture well. We are two retirees with 10 Folio pieces over just six years. If you could see this seating, you would be shocked. We are just that and are incredulous that Crate and Barrel refuses to do the right thing by us.

We don't want "luxe bonded leather" anyway. They are actually charging more for this artificial leather than they charged for the real thing!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Westwood, New Jersey

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i concur, worst chairs ever.

we have 6 dining chairs and 5 barstools.

cant even give them away.

the "leather" is peeling, cracking. They sat untouched for 2 years and we started using them 3 years ago and they just fell apart.

Leather restorer wont take my $, not worth it he said.

He thought the chairs were from some cheap furniture place. Not even sure they are leather - some type of low grade bonded leather maybe.

Crate and Barrel says due to wear and tear...(if i wear sandpaper as pants).

They offer us nothing online, told me to ask the local store. I think I will drop off a few chairs in their showroom....

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