We have the same problem with our chocolate brown folio chairs after 5 years. Our story is similar to yours.

We were actually told by one assistant manager that the problem is recurring and that the manufacturer has remedied the issue. The result is different stitching, leather, and finish. We have 4 chairs, one of which is being replaced (all of which are showing signs on delamination, splitting, etc.) The other unmatching 3 chairs will be replaced at our cost less a discount. Our options are to buy three new matching chairs or keep the matching *** defective chair.

Disappointing, indeed.

Apparently Crate's merchandise holds up for only 5 years. Conversely, we have similar styled chairs from Room and Board that we bought around the same time, which still look new.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Brooks, Kentucky

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We purchased eight blackfolio chairs. Same cracking and gummy surface as others are reporting. Disappointing indeed.


We had the same experience! Our chocolate brown so-called leather FOLIO chairs from Crate and Barrel started disintegrating after a few years -- at first we thought it looked OK, but then it became very obvious that the glue or whatever bonding the leather was disintegrating.

Not only does it look disfigured, but those places are kind of sticky and gross. The bonded leather comes off under your fingernail.

We are really disappointed, as we spent a lot on a set of 6, and thought we were getting quality chairs from Crate and Barrel. I'm looking into getting them re-upholstered, as I love the design, but it's literally cheaper to buy new chairs.


We purchased 6 Crate an Barrel Folio chairs, loved the style and comfort. They turned out to be covered in some sort of very thin leather bonded to cardboard.

They have deteriorated so badly that we can no longer use them. They just look terrible.

Wish Crate and Barrel would do some sort of recall on this chair. I have stopped buying anything from them due to poor customer service on these chairs.


i concur, worst chairs ever.

we have 6 dining chairs and 5 barstools.

cant even give them away.

the "leather" is peeling, cracking. They sat untouched for 2 years and we started using them 3 years ago and they just fell apart.

Leather restorer wont take my $, not worth it he said.

He thought the chairs were from some cheap furniture place. Not even sure they are leather - some type of low grade bonded leather maybe.

Crate and Barrel says due to wear and tear...(if i wear sandpaper as pants).

They offer us nothing online, told me to ask the local store. I think I will drop off a few chairs in their showroom....

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